Welcome to the Badlands Amp. We are a community of staff, crew, volunteers, and supporters who exist to provide arts experiences to our guests. 

We’re all in this together. These rules and conditions exist to provide the best possible experience for everyone on our site. We ask everyone to adhere to these rules and conditions as well as all applicable laws. 

Access to the Badlands Amphitheatre is dependent upon the acceptance of these conditions, rules, and policies. Thank you for being a part of the Badlands Amp experience.




The Badlands Amphitheatre is an outdoor venue. Tickets are non-refundable. There are no refunds of any kind. No exchanges.

Performances and events will be postponed and possibly cancelled due to any conditions that organizers feel may jeopardize public or performer safety.

Tickets are considered void if altered.

Duplicate and copied tickets purchased from unofficial sources will not be eligible for entry to an event. Protect yourself and only purchase tickets from or by calling 403-823-2001.

Ticket or pass holder assumes any and all liabilities as to risk and danger resulting from attending an event or presentation.

Ticket or pass holder waives any claims for loss of personal effects or personal injury whether incurred before, after or during the event or presentation.

Management reserves the right to deny entry to a ticket or pass holder whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate.



All persons, bags, parcels, clothing and other items may be part of security checks before entry and on the Badlands Amphitheatre site.

Prohibited items must be stored in your vehicle or surrendered at the entrance. We will not store prohibited items for you.

Please demonstrate kindness and courtesy to your Badlands Amphitheatre seat neighbours, other guests, volunteers and employees. We build these experiences together. Rude, profane, and offensive behaviour that inhibits the experiences of those on site or results in aggressive and dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated.

Smoking of tobacco in any form (ie. pipes, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes) or any  product with vapour or smoke are allowed only in designated smoking areas. Marijuana (for medical purposes or otherwise) and illegal drugs may NOT be consumed on anywhere on the Badlands Amphitheatre site.

Seat cushions are permitted on our benches. Lawn chairs or chairs of any kind are NOT permitted.


  • Outside food or liquids of any kind.
  • Umbrellas
  • Lawn chairs or chairs of any kind
  • Picnic coolers or other large rollable containers
  • Professional or long lens cameras
  • Professional audio, video, or photography equipment
  • Tripods, selfie sticks, monopods, etc.
  • All forms of knives/scissors/bladed items
  • Firearms/slingshots/ammunition
  • Conducted Energy Weapons (e.g. Taser)
  • Replica firearms/weapons including items that appear to be firearms
  • Hand tools/electric tools of any kind
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs/drug paraphernalia/illegal substances
  • Drones/Radio Controlled devices
  • Skateboards/Segway’s/wheelies/shoes with wheels
  • Mace/pepper spray/bear spray
  • Paint/markers
  • Fireworks
  • Explosives/flammable items/ignition devises
  • Compressed and/or liquid gas/aerosol sprays (except personal care products, insect repellant)
  • Corrosive chemicals/flammable substances
  • Bicycles/scooters
  • Light emitting devices (lasers)
  • Banners/signs/voice amplification devices
  • Air horns/artificial noisemakers
  • Sporting Goods (frisbees, baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, bows and arrows
  • Pets /other animals: EXCEPTION animals with a Service Dog Identification Card
  • Any materials of an extremist/offensive /discriminatory nature
  • Pad locks/chains/cables/zip ties/handcuffs
  • Flyers/samples/promotional items/giveaways
  • Banners or signs of any kind
  • Glass containers /other containers in which their contents cannot be easily checked
  • Articles of clothing with offensive language/images – these will be asked to turn inside out
  • Any item deemed a danger/threat  to public order or safety

We reserve the right to deny admission or to require a person already admitted to leave the Badlands Amphitheatre, without refund, liability or compensation according to our best judgment and if the circumstances require denial of admission or rejection from the site.

Travel, accommodation and hospitality arrangements made by the customer are not the ticket seller’s responsibility and are arranged at the customer’s own risk.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Entry at any time without further notification.